“The Atlas Frame” is a post-hardcore band from Zurich/Aargau, CH. It is represented by the members Remo (Vocals), Luke (Guitar,Vocals), Jannis (Guitar), Silvan (Bass) and Beni (Drums). The band was founded at the beginning of 2016, with the self-given goal to let the shared passion for Metal (with all its facets) become reality. All of its members can look back on several years of experience as musicians and want to give their gained abilities new expression with the foundation of “The Atlas Frame”.

The band-philosophy of “The Atlas Frame” refuses to submit oneself (on a musical level) to any constraints of existing standards and pervasive patterns. Therefore, their music is a mixture of brute metalcore, melodic alternative rock and sometimes acoustic ballads as well. Coupled with emotional, personal and socially critical lyrics, which should encourage independent thinking, the unique character of “The Atlas Frame” is made by this innovative combination.